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BetterPhotograph.com is dedicated to helping the average person learn how get the perfect shot — be it landscape, sports, portraits, studio, or any other photography. This website came about from my own interest in Photography and desire to share it with other people.

I particularly specialize in landscape photography and you’ll often find my travelling around the world to exotic locales in search of landscape photos. You might call it my hobby. My other hobby is to help both new and experienced photographers improve their own photography through this website.

My own spin with this site is to help photographers with the practical side of photography — photography tips that you can actually use in the field, not some some stuffy theoretical advice that you won’t be able to use yourself when shooting. I also give quite a bit of travel photography tips (photo location guides, country photography tips, travel photography guides) which come out of my own experience travelling all around the world with my camera gear, in search of awesome travel and landscape photos. I know quite a bit about the best camera gear for travel, packing camera equipment for trips, and trekking in remote areas with camera gear — because I’ve done this all myself for years.

So stick around and read what I have to say. No bullshit, just real advice.

You can see some of the pictures I’ve taken over the years over at my flickr page.


Benjamin Kong

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