Gitzo Tripod Overview: The Types of Tripods

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Types of Gitzo Tripods

When you are learning more about Gitzo tripod lines, an overview of the products offered by the company shows that there are bird watching, photography and video equipment available.

As of 2015, there are seven lines available from the company. Here are the 4 most popular lines:

  • Basalt tripods are very lightweight. Each model that is in the Basalt line from Gitzo weights seven to eight pounds on average. These tripods also come in both three and four section leg options and range in height from forty to sixty inches when fully expanded.
  • The Ocean tripod is one single tripod made from carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is among the top choices for photographers for its durability and light weight. This tripod weighs eight pounds and expands to sixty inches.
  • Traveler tripods are also made from carbon fiber, and are lightweight and versatile. Options in this line include tripods that range in weight from four to twenty six pounds and that expand up to sixty inches in height depending on the style you choose.
  • Mountaineer Tripods are Gitzo’s bread and butter ‘hiking’ tripods — the most popular type and the gitzo version of the ‘All Round’ tripod. You can use them for pretty much everything. These tripods cover everything from ultralight hiking to safari photo taking. The general goal of the Mountaineer Tripods are to be portable so you can carry them into the field while providing max stability.

In each of the Gitzo tripod lines an overview can assist you in learning more about specific models within the line. Each line from Gitzo also includes kits that offer you kits with the same styles of tripods. The features found in each line allow you to choose the features and options that fit your personal needs best


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