Gitzo Tripod: The Best 3 Recommendations

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If you are in the market for a Gitzo tripod, the best 3 recommendations can be used to choose a high quality, durable and light weight tripod for your personal use. Gitzo makes a wide range of tripods, including carbon fiber and aluminum tripods, that each have a warranty for a specific period of time. Gitzo is one of the top names in the tripod business so you can feel secure in your investment in one of the top rated tripods made by the company.

Types of Tripods from Gitzo

When you need a Gitzo tripod, the best 3 recommendations include both basalt and carbon fiber tripods. These two types of tripods are made with weight being one of the main features of the tripod. Most carbon fiber tripods weigh less than five pounds so you can easily take the tripod along with you. There are also the following types of tripods available from Gitzo:

Gitzo GT3530LS Carbon Fiber Series 3 Long Systematic Tripod (Black)

  • Basalt tripods are also lightweight and durable. Basalt is one of the top selling materials for tripods today.
  • Carbon fiber is quickly replacing heaver aluminum tripods for several reasons. Carbon fiber is light, durable, and doesn’t feel cold to the touch when shooting outside in the winter.
  • Aluminium tripods are an excellent option when you are working indoors.

Gitzo has a wide range of tripods available to choose from, including bird watching, photography and video Gitzo tripods. The best 3 recommendations are those that are versatile and easy to carry. You can find that one Gitzo tripod will meet your personal needs for several different types of camera and equipment, especially if you opt for accessories to make the tripod more versatile.

What to Consider when Buying a Gitzo Tripod

If you are looking for a Gitzo tripod, the best 3 recommendations can allow you to find one that can be used in many different situations. You should consider how you plan on using the tripod before making your purchase. For example, if you are using the tripod in the outdoors and need to carry it a lot then a light weight tripod is the best option. If you are going to be indoors then you may want to opt for a traditional aluminum tripod instead. You can also consider your equipment when choosing the right tripod. For example if you are using a heavy lens then you need to be sure the tripod will hold the weight.

Some models will hold more than forty pounds and also become sturdier when weighted down with equipment thanks to the special features of the Gitzo tripod. The best 3 recommendations can allow you to add an additional camera when using an extension arm with a clamp, as well. The shape and design of the leg locks ensure the tripod is sturdy even when quite a bit of weight on it.  If you aren’t sure which type of tripod you need then beginning with a standard carbon fiber or basalt tripod will ensure you have a versatile tripod that can be used in many different situations for shooting many different kinds of subjects.

Top 3 Recommendations from Gitzo

If you are trying to find the perfect Gitzo tripod the best 3 recommendations is a great place to begin. Gitzo offers a wide selection of tripods with many different features available. The three options are among the most popular from the company, and are also among the most versatile and simple to use choices.

Manfrotto Pro Tripod — the best stability to price tripod ratio

Manfrotto 055XPROB Pro Tripod Legs

The Manfrotto Pro tripod from Gitzo is among the bestselling offered by the company. This tripod features built in leg warmers and is made from aluminum. This classic tripod weights about five pounds and offers easy to use flip locks on each leg. One feature that makes this tripod a great choice is the ability to move the camera around easily by extending the neck of the tripod to the highest position. In this position you can swing the camera around without removing the camera or loosening the screws or plates holding it in.

Dolica 62 Inch Proline Tripod and Ball Head

Dolica AX620B100 62-Inch Proline Tripod and Ball HeadThe Dolica sixty-two inch Proline tripod with a ball head is one of the top sellers from Gitzo tripod. The best 3 recommendations include this tripod because of the pan feature offered by the ball head as well as the versatility of the tripod. The Dolica tripod weighs about four pounds and is made from aluminum. You will love the quick release legs and the simple to use ball head that allows you to capture movement easily. This tripod can be used both indoors and outdoors for sporting events and capturing wildlife easily.

Gitzo GT1541T Series 1 6X 4S G-Lock Traveler the “best” lightweight to stability ratio  for hiking/traveling tripod on the market now

Gitzo GT1541T Series 1 6X 4S G-Lock TravelerThe Gitzo GT1541T Series 1 6X 4S G-Lock Traveler is one of the tripods offered by Gitzo made from carbon fiber. You can read our Gitzo GT1541T review here.  This tripod is a little less than three pounds and offers you the famous Gitzo anti-rotation leg system that allows you to release all three legs simultaneously. The anti-rotation system is a great time saving feature is one of the best offered by Gitzo but the G-lock system is also a great feature to have on your tripod. This lock becomes more secure with additional weight so you never have to worry about the camera being too wobbly on the tripod. With a rapid center column and easy to set up and take down features, this tripod is among the best available from Gitzo. Note, this is primary a hiking/travel tripod and it’s good for camera setups under 7lbs. If you have a bigger camera setup, you might want to look at some of gitzo’s bigger tripods (such as series 2). Read a more  comprehensive Gitzo 1541T review here.

The Bottom Line

When choosing a Gitzo tripod the best 3 recommendations are a guideline for the best selling options but any of the tripods from this company can be counted on for their durability. Gitzo tripods are among the top selling because they provide superior service for an extended period of time. Gitzo offers a warranty on their products and a wide range of accessories and tripods to choose from. You can spend some time researching your options to find the tripods that fit your personal needs best concerning weight and features. These three tripods are a great place to begin.

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