What is the Best Tripod for Portrait Photography?

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One question that comes up a lot is what is the best tripod for portrait photography. I have to say this is not as straightforward to answer as my previous post about finding the best tripod for landscape photography.

Portrait photography can happen anywhere — you can take these type of shots outside or inside your home (from a studio). Most portrait photographers are NOT going to hike up a remote mountain, so you don’t need to have an ultra light weight tripod.

So you don’t necessary need a carbon fiber tripod, not unless you are going to be doing a lot of traveling. My experience is that you really won’t be using a tripod for portrait photography anyways, not unless you are shooting for maximum image quality from within your home photography studio. So look at getting a tripod that’s cost efficient and has the features you want. I still recommend getting the best tripod you can afford, since you can use the tripod for a lot of different types of photography, but if you are specifically looking for a good tripod for portraits, then you have a lot of options.

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